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Powered by CAN Fund #150Women

Walk, Run
and Donate


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The majority of female athletes rely on

CAN Fund #150Women so they can afford proper nutrition, better equipment, training, national team fees, travel expenses and more

to compete on the world stage. 


Since launching CAN Fund #150Women in 2017, over 2500 women have joined our network in support of female athletes. 

We want our community of women supporting women to grow from 2500 to 10,000!


Building a community that can help provide Canadian female athletes with the additional financial support they need in order to pursue their dreams.

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Women coast to coast are stepping up.


To date we have raised over $3.1 million.


Currently,  there are 543 female athletes who have received $8000 each in support of their dream to compete on the world stage.

Be Epic Run

July 28th-August 4th, 2024 

4th Annual BE EPIC Run

Her ability to compete for Canada is impacted by you. Wherever you are, WALK or RUN in your neighbourhood and choose your distance.


Registration is free, instead, we invite you to make a one-time donation

or create your own fundraising page.


Get involved, have some fun and join the run!

Registration Now Open!

Social Media Tags: 

#BeEpic #BeEpicRun 

#CANFund #150Women

Post Run Virtual Party
Stay Tuned for the Time and Date!

We will be giving out BE EPIC Run awards, draw prizes, and announcing the female athletes who are being funded from the BE EPIC Run!

Each female athlete who becomes a CAN Fund #150Women Recipient receives $8000 to help her afford what she needs to train and represent Canada on the world stage!

Join us for a night of celebration, athlete guest appearances and more!

Given out at Post Run Virtual Party

  • Top Individual Fundraiser
  • Top Corporate Team Fundraiser
  • CAN Fund Alumni Top Fundraiser
  • Best BE EPIC Spirit/Theme
  • Youngest Runner
  • Oldest Runner
  • Biggest Community Team
  • Top Sports Team Fundraiser
  • Runner with the Most Donors

You will be rerouted to the official (not-for-profit) CAN Fund site!

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