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Powered by CAN Fund #150Women

July 23rd - July 3oth, 2023


3rd Annual Be EPIC Run

Have some fun! Join the run!

Registration Opens This Spring

Support the best female athletic talent in this country. Make their dreams achievable.

7 days to run, walk, bike, swim, hike or host an event and participate in the

3rd Annual Virtual CAN Fund #150Women BE EPIC Run. 

You choose when, where and how far.
CAN Fund #150Women is a community that is passionate about changing circumstances,
giving opportunity and
women supporting women.

Make a donation to support the hundreds of female athletes who are relying on CAN Fund #150Women.


Hundreds of female athletes are relying on the financial support provided by

CAN Fund #150Women to help them reach their full potential.  Each week we are counting down to the 3rd Annual Virtual CAN Fund #150Women BE EPIC Run, sharing remarkable stories of our applicants, giving you a behind the scenes glimpse
into their journey and why they need your support. 


WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN: Create your own team with friends or a corporate team,

host an event and set your own fundraising goal. 

Invite the people in your community to join you in celebrating and

supporting female athletes that compete for Canada.

Every stride will give female athletes the funding they deserve and are worthy of.


for your support!

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